High Quality People + High Quality Work.

Founded in 2018, Northdog Wood Co. Inc started with Chad and Jason, two childhood best friends. The idea behind the company was to stretch the boundaries of design while

using two timeless materials: Steel + Wood.


What we didn’t know was how the maker community would respond to the opening of our first store, Northdog Wood Co.


We went from considering ourselves as solely a furniture design company, to being a worldwide retail store within 8 months. The community was growing through Northdog’s guidance + education, customer service, and designs primarily through social media.


The growth happened rapidly, and within 16 months from original opening date, we expanded to a new 12,000 sqft facility, opened an outpost in Newfoundland, and have become a household name.


The new Durham Region store allowed for instant growth of the steel division of the company- Bringing on new members, and a new identity for the steel division: The Steel Pound.


The Steel Pound is everything that Northdog Wood Co.

is, only its focus is entirely on Steel Fabrication. The growth of The Steel Pound is happening as we speak, through the same principles that has grown Northdog Wood Co. to where it is- Education, Customer Service, with high quality designs and products.

Why choose The Steel Pound?

All we care about is the customer. Whether that's you in our store, or its the internal or external customers walking through your company's doors.

We believe that there are a few things in today's world that are pre-requisits to providing excellent customer service:

  • Listen and understand your customer

  • Be unique, and set yourself apart

  • Take pride in everything you do

  • Build long lasting relationships

  • Deliver over and above expectations

When you combine that with using high quality materials, pushing the boundaries of design, and providing a completely custom experience from the ground up... you have a recipe for success. 

ALSO! We're just pretty fun, easy going people who like to make awesome stuff for people who appreciate it.

Visit our store at 845 Farewell St. in Oshawa to speak with Jason or Chad, and we will help you get started with some designs for you or your business.